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3.80€ ttc/mesi
Web hosting Web hosting conveniente ad alte prestazioni e di alta qualità su server virtualizzati.
host Internet Web hosting Su server privati ​​virtuali Offerte non vincolanti server supervisionati 24 ore su 24
VPS a basso costo 3.80€ ttc/mesi
Server VPS Tutta la potenza di un server VPS economico e personalizzato
host Internet Server VPS Consegna immediata VPS senza impegno Realizzato su misura ed estendibile in qualsiasi momento
59.90€ ttc/mesi
Server dedicati I tuoi progetti più importanti su un'infrastruttura solida e scalabile
Server dedicati Server dedicato montaggio ISO vRack Ready Supporto Priorità 7J / 7
domini Internet 7.99€ ttc/anni
domini Internet I tuoi indirizzi web con oltre 220 estensioni disponibili e preconfigurate
domini Internet Domini Whois Protect + 220 estensioni disponibili Consegnato configurato

Support Technique - When the account balance reach the negative

When your balance reaches zero

Do not consider it a moment of intense panic .. When your balance reaches 0 €, your active services are suspended.

For shared hosting
If you have an active web hosting, your balance will not move beyond the 0 € threshold and you have 2 months to re-provision your customer account before your data is removed from the servers.

For VPS servers
If you have a VPS server with a negative balance, your server is automatically shut down when you arrive at 0 € and your balance continues to be withdrawn every hour to total 1 € per month. This amount corresponds to the storage costs of your VPS. IP addresses are also charged in full

Once the level of -1 € spent, the IP addresses assigned to the VPS are detached from the server and fall into the public domain and once the level of -2 € spent, the server is closed automatically